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Taking care of your dog and grooming him regularly ensures that he stays healthy and does not become host to any infections. Your dog needs to be bathed on regular intervals, combed, and kept clean in general. Powdering the fur of your dog with antibacterial solution and checking for fleas, cleaning his teeth, and keeping his nails trimmed are all parts of the process of dog grooming and essential for the health of your pet.

Benefits of dog groomingDog grooming at the hands of a professional ensures that your dog is always free from any disease causing germs. Regular cleaning and care of your dog is essential for them to remain healthy. Our professional service for dog grooming in Ahmedabad ensures that your dog is always clean and hygienic. We provide dog bathing and dog grooming services which ensure that your dog is always presentable. Major benefits of professional dog grooming are

  • The coat of your dog will always be clean and glossy
  • Regular grooming helps control hair shedding
  • Ear cleaning ensures that your dog does not develop an ear infection
  • Teeth cleaning of your dog removes all food particles from his mouth, ensuring the health of his gum and teeth
  • Bathing with special flea control solution helps prevent flea from infesting the fur of your dog
  • A dirty dog can start to smell really foul. Our professional groomers use high quality dog shampoo for dog bathing which washes away dirt and leaves your dog looking great
  • Grooming also helps us discover any cuts or bruises your dog might have which require medical attention

Ensure the mental health of your dogRegular grooming of your dog ensures that they are happier and have a good mental state. When you groom your dog, you develop a closer bond with them and they feel loved and cared for. In absence of proper grooming, you dog may become temperamental and ill mannered. Untrimmed nails can grow really long and make it uncomfortable for your dog to jump around and play. Our professional dog grooming services will ensure that your dog remains active and friendly.

DogsHostel provides the complete services for dog grooming in Ahmedabad which include

  • Dog Bathing
  • Shampoo
  • Blow dry of fur after bathing
  • Brushing teeth
  • Trimming nails
  • Ear cleaning

Professional services for dog grooming in Ahmedabad

DogsHostel offers special dog grooming packages that ensure that your dog is properly cleaned and bathed. We offer dog grooming services for all breeds and varieties of dogs and our professionals have years of experience in working with dogs. We use tools that are specially made for the purpose of dog grooming and our professionals are experts in looking after the cleanliness of your dog. Our dog grooming packages are designed to offer all common dog grooming services and we offer these services at highly affordable prices. If you have a dog that requires professional grooming services, please feel free to contact us to enquire about our dog grooming packages.

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