Dog Boarding

DogsHostel - The most comprehensive boarding facilities for your dog in AhmedabadTravelling is always a nightmare for anyone who owns a dog. You are worried sick all the time you are away from your home whether the relative or friend you entrusted your dog to is taking adequate care of your beloved pet, and often you are not able to enjoy your vacation due to this worry. It is not always possible to take your dog with you and in such a case now you have the option of leaving your dog in the care of DogsHostel. We provide world class dog boarding facilities where you can leave your dog whenever you have to go out of city. Our dog boarding kennels are managed by caring professionals who will make sure that your dog is looked after and receives complete care.

Leave your dog in the care of the best dog boarding facilities in the city DogsHostel provides dogs boarding services which make sure that your dog gets proper exercise, timely food and proper care when you are away. Our dog boarding kennels are the best in the city and we employ professional who are experts on every breed of dogs. DogsHostel dog boarding kennels are located in a spacious environment which does not confine your dog to a small room for extended duration and our professionals will make sure that they follow every instruction you provide us with. Your dog will get the same care and love that he is used to at your home, and he will get a playful environment where he can have fun. Our dogs boarding services come with a promise that your dog will be treated properly and will receive the best possible care in your absence.

Advantages of DogsHostel dog boarding facilities

  • Trained professionals will look after your dog
  • Your pet will have constant access to veterinarian doctors
  • Our nutritional experts will create a proper diet for your dog
  • If you have special instruction, our professionals will make sure that they are followed
  • Large spacious premises of our dog boarding give your dog a lot of room to play
  • Our dogs boarding services are managed exclusively by dog lovers
  • Grooming facilities that ensure that your pet stays clean and hygienic
  • Supervised play time with other dogs which will help your dog become more social
  • Special diet plans that are varied regularly to ensure that your dog gets something new to eat each time he stays with us

Why our dog boarding facilities are the best

DogsHostel is the best dog boarding service in Ahmedabad and we have secured this position by taking great care of the dogs entrusted to us. Our employees are trained to take care of dogs of all breeds and we only employ dog lovers to make sure that your dog is treated with love. Your beloved pet will also benefit from the healthcare and nutritional experts that we employ. Our dog boarding services ensure that dog owners do not have to worry about their best friend when they are not at home. DogsHostel will make sure that your darling pet is well fed and gets regular exercise. Further, our experts will groom him regularly and make sure that he loved and cared for and gets all the facilities that he is used to at your home.

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