Dogs are the biggest joy of our lives! If you are leaving town and are worried where to leave them, worry no more! Dogshostel.com is the best dog hostel service in Ahmedabad.

Your dogs deserve the best and at dogshostel.com they will get nothing less. We are all set to pour our hearts out to your furry buddies. Dogshostel.com is a dog boarding and lodging facility which gives you a selection of budget, economy and luxury options. This facility offers not just boarding but is also furnished with all the amenities to keep your pet entertained and exercised.

Why Choose Us?

If there was a dream land for dogs in Ahmedabad, then this would be it. Our dog kennel is a hub of all joys that the world could confer to our sweet little bundles of joy. If there is something that can bring some joy to your dogs, this is it! We are very sincere in our love towards dogs. Here's a list of everything that we do for them:
  • We maintain a record of the grams of food consumed by your pet and give you a per meal update.
  • We take the temperature of your dog twice a day to ensure he/she is absolutely healthy.
  • We share a proper density report of dog's poop and the color of it to ensure proper digestive health.
  • We will give you a daily health report of your dog.
  • We will also maintain and share with you an activity chart of your dog, so that you can update us if you feel that something isn't right.
  • We put a PET PACE collar on your dog till he/she stays with us to ensure we can monitor the health.
  • We take them swimming in our custom doggie pool.
  • We give you live feeds of your dogs through our CCTV cameras. You are free to check in whenever you like or keep your eyes on them all day long.
  • We'll pick them up on the day you want to leave them with us and drop them back when it time to!
  • We offer exceptionally reasonable and cost-effective rates with singular packages planned to meet your needs
    • - Basic
    • - Deluxe
    • - Superior
    • - Premium
  • Our dog kennels have web cams that provide 24 hour supervision in each room
  • We know they love to run away and so our kennels were made with an escape proof design
  • We have an on call veterinary staff that is very reputable
  • We are dedicated to love and nurture your dogs for as long as they are with us. We don't cut corners or compromise on their happiness.

Have a few more queries?

It is only natural that you worry for your sweet pet. You might have a few more questions in your mind. Do not hesitate to contact us or visit us at our facility to experience the joy and good vibes of this place. Meet our staff and see for yourself if you think they can care for your lovely dogs.

Just give us a buzz and we'll tell you all that there is to know about us.