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Dogs Hostel – The ultimate destination for all your pet’s needs We love dogs and respect dog owners. This is why we have ensured that you can find everything that you might need in order to give your pupper a happy life! We cater to every breed and every pocket too. You can easily find premium quality supplies right here. And we don’t stop just at that! We offer not just supplies but also services! Yes! We groom, we care, we love, we give!

Finding your favorite dog supplies is so easy! DogsHostel is the primary provider for dog services and pet dog supplies in Ahmedabad. No dog owner in Ahmedabad needs to run from pillar to post to look for the right things for their adorable pets. All you ever need to do is log onto our website and scroll through the list of services and products that we offer. You can purchase or hire anything just with the click of a button!

There's so much we can give!DogsHostel makes sure that you find all pet dog related services and products right here. We provide the following services and pet dog supplies in Ahmedabad:

  • Dog health and wellness services: We make available health and wellness services for all breeds of dogs and make use of the expertise of highly qualified veterinarian doctors. In case of emergencies, you can also find a list of service providers close to your home so that they can get to you quickly.
  • Dog food and treats: Giving your dog the proper nutrition is very important. You can easily purchase any of the world’s finest food brands to care for your furry buddy. Apart from that, you will also be able to spot the best treats for your little paw paws!
  • Dog beds and furniture: Pamper your puppers’ silly! Get custom beds, furniture and other specialized items to make him the envy of other dog owners.
  • Dog accessories: At DogsHostel we carry a huge range of accessories for your little fur balls. We showcase top quality leashes; collars and other accessories. You thought that was all? Take another look! We have cute custom outfits to make them look dapper for every occasion!
  • Winter Wear: Protect your delicate pooches from the harsh winters, or just show off n style with our winter collection that includes woolen booties, caps and vests!

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Pamper Your Pooches

Check out our online store to locate and find the best products around the globe meant for your little pet. There’s nothing more joyful than spoiling your pooches and seeing them relax. Use our online shop for everything that money can buy for your dogs, and bring them to us for everything else. We are always happy to give cuddles and kisses! Our team doesn’t just look at this as a business but does it because we love dogs. This is why all are products are carefully handpicked to be sure that they will bring nothing but good health, comfort and joy for these amazing creatures!