Bring A Puppy Into Your Family!

Cuddling a puppy is the best thing in the world. Holding them, snuggling with them and making them a part of your family are the simplest joy that the world can bestow on you. DogsHostel is now giving you the opportunity to experience that joy from the convenience of your computers!

Adopt or shop!If you are planning to give a pupper a new lease of life by welcoming them into your family, then you must consider the option to adopt. DogsHostel gives you the chance of doing something noble while giving you tremendous joy. These sweet furry friends who have been abandoned by their previous owners or were lab rats that have finally been rescued by us need a kind and loving family to take care of their precious manners.

Hold out a hand for friendship and watch how these innocent and vulnerable puppers turn into fiercely loyal and loving companions for you. Wondering where you can find adorable puppies to bring them into your families? Well, you are at the right place!

Buy dogs onlineLooking for a particular breed of dog? Want proper certification of the dogs at the lowest prices? Want veterinary dogs with all the vaccinations in the right order? Well, just buy them online with a few clicks on your smart phone.

Choose your breed and find a list of all the adorable puppies that are waiting to be a part of the family. Get details about their pedigree, weight, height and age before you make the choice! Buying cute little puppers is no longer difficult!

Special Offers!Buying a dog can be overwhelming if you don’t have a trained pupper hopping around in your home. This is why we give special offers to facilitate your dog buying process. You can either choose to buy just the puppy from us or buy a trained puppy (pricing as per breed and training duration). We also offer puppies with vaccination as per your choice. Our range of breed selection is the best in city and since we are located in Bopal you can easily reach us. Want an at home delivery for your pretty puppers? We do it all! Choose from the pictures online and add the puppy to your cart. We will then deliver the puppy to you at your doorstep!

Call and speak with us regarding any query that you might have!

Breeds that we love and offer to our clients:

  • Pug
  • Boxer
  • Mastiff
  • Doberman
  • Rottweiler
  • Bull Mastiff
  • Pomeranian
  • Great Dane
  • Siberian Husky
  • Tibetan Mastiff
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever
  • German Shepherd (Alsatian)

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