Dog Grooming

Dogs need a lot of care and attention when it comes to grooming them. They must at all times be kept absolutely clean and hygienic to ensure that they are not a host to diseases or parasites which can also harm the family that they live with. A dog parent has to do everything in his or her power to make sure that they have a healthy upbringing including powdering the fur of your dog with antibacterial powder and inspecting for fleas, cleaning his teeth, and keeping his nails trimmed.

Benefits of dog grooming Grooming your dogs with professionals is the best way to keep them absolutely safe from any parasites or infections. Our professional dog grooming experts in Ahmedabad ensure that your dog remains clean and healthy always. You also want to flaunt your furry pooches, right? Our experts always help in making them look prim and proper to become the envy of every other dog owner around you! Still wondering why enlist professional dog grooming services in Ahmedabad? Here’s why:

  • To maintain a clean and glossy coat of your dog
  • To limit and control shedding
  • Reduce or eliminate ear infections with regular cleaning
  • Give your dog good dental health and good breath with regular cleaning of the dog’s teeth
  • Special flea control solutions that help in preventing any flea infestation from on the fur or skin or your dogs.
  • Avoid the foul dog odor by regular grooming with high quality dog cleaning and grooming products used by our experts.
  • Grooming alerts you to any injury or infestation at early stages so that medical attention can be provided.

Mentally happy and physically fit!Grooming is an excellent way to bond with the digs. They take care of their young by licking them clean. A clean and fresh dog not only stays physically healthy but also remains mentally alert and has positivity around him. In the eventuality that the dog isn’t groomed, he feels ignored, slighted and unimportant. Long nails can be hurtful for them as can hair mattes.

DogsHostel presents holistic services for dog grooming in Ahmedabad which comprise of

  • Dog Bathing
  • Shampooing
  • Blow drying the fur after bathing
  • Brushing teeth
  • Trimming nails
  • Ear cleaning

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Professional and courteous services of dog grooming in Ahmedabad

DogsHostel aims at providing the best services possible to keep all the pooches healthy and happy. Our professionals have only love for the dogs and so, go out of the way to make sure their joy and happiness is always top priority. This is why our services are priced most economically and cost effectively. Let us bring you the joy of raising a happy and pampered dog!